Pattanakit Phasonk Partnership started as a family business in 1975 sewing handmade flowers to factories and cloth made by order. The name of Pattanakit Phasonk Partnership was registed in 1979. In 1983 1984 The economies was booming. The residential areas, where our staff lived, were used for other purpose which made our staff homeless and no choice but to return to their home city Mahasarakam province. Since then we had to distribute our works from Bangkok area to other provinces. The number of work has gradually increased and Mahasarakham Province was chosen as our enter in 1989

In 1987 the 30machines were bought and located on the third and fourth floor of our home office in Bangkok in order to produce subcontract wash. After two years we had moved and started a new factory at Chonburi 65. Since then our production has been expanded in order to serve other exported factories.

In 1990 we started exporting directly and increase our job gradually. In 1994 Mahasalakarm Province. We started another factory.

In 1996 the Bangkok factory was burned out accidentally. Fortunately that there was still another factory in Mahasarakham Province, Our business still continues under the support from our clients and trust given to us from our finance company, they make us, Patanakit Phasonk concerned on the product quality and commitment in order to meet the highest customers satisfaction.

Since beginning until present there are 4 branches with more than 900 factory workers and more than 600 home workers. In 1987 an income was 1,000,000 Baht. And a later year it was 200,000,000 Baht.

Our management team:
1. Charupat Foofuengsombat - President
2. Vanida Foofuengsombat - Branch Manager Nakornratchasima
3. Vanicha Foofuengsombat - Branch Manager Mahasarakarm
4. Eakachai Foofuengsombat - Productive Manager (Computer Machine)
5. Wanchai Foofuengsombat - Managing Director & Marketting
6. Chatchai Foofuengsombat - Human Resource Manager

22/422 Moo 6 Commercial BLDG., Soi Praramsong [54] RAMA ll Road., Samaedam, Bangkhunthien, Bangkok 10150 Thailand
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